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1 : to induce to maneuver repeatedly towards or following a drive utilized upfront : pull draw your chair up by the hearth : such as a : to maneuver (anything, like a masking) in excess of or to one facet draw the drapes b : to tug up or from a receptacle or location wherever seated or carried draw water with the properly

Leading to issues to occur activation actuation agent awaken (sth) in sb be affiliated with sth variable gas instate instigate instigation instigator introduce plant make increase the domino result usher usher sth in wreak wrought See more benefits »

construct - draw with ideal instruments and beneath specified circumstances; "construct an equilateral triangle"

to determine that's to try and do and so forth a little something by drawing names outside of a box etcetera. Five of us drew lots for the two pop-live performance tickets. trek يُجْري قُرْعَةً ( بواسِطَة سَحْب أسماء من عُلْبَه) тегля жребий tirar a sorte (vy)losovat Lose ziehen trække lod τραβώ κλήρο sortear, echar a suerte loosi tõmbama قرعه کشیدن arpoa henkilö tirer au type לְהָפִּיל גוֹרָל कार्य निर्धारित करना odabrati nekoga izvlačenjem slamke sorsot húz mengundi draga um, henda upp á tirare a sorte くじを引く 제비를 뽑아 결정하다 traukti burtus lozēt menentukan strootje trekken trekke/kaste lodd losować, ciągnąć losy قرعه كشى كول tirar à sorte a trage la sorţi тянуть жребий vyžrebovať žrebati izvlačiti imena dra/kasta lott จับสลาก kura çekmek 抽籤 тягти жеребки قرعہ اندازی سے کسی چیز کا فیصلہ کرنا rút thăm 抽签

to become unsuccessful within a lookup, inquiry and many others. teleurgesteld uitkom لا يُوَفَّق، يَفْشَل، لا يَنْجَح удрям на камък ficar a ver navios ztroskotat, utřít hubu kein Glück haben være resultatløs κάνω μια τρύπα στο νερό seguir sin saber algo tühjade kätega jääma نتیجه نگرفتن؛ ناکام ماندن epäonnistua etsinnässä échouer לְהַעֲלוֹת חֶרֶס בְּיָדוֹ खोज में नाकाम रहना biti neuspješan felkopik az álla tidak berhasil misheppnast, fileá ekkert út úr fare fiasco 失敗に終る 허탕짚다 nieko nepešti neveikties gagal geen succes hebben være resultatløs szukać na próżno برى نه موندل ficar a ver navios a eşua потерпеть неудачу stroskotať, neuspieť ostati praznih rok doživeti potpuni neuspeh dra en nit[lott], kamma noll ล้มเหลว sonuç alamamak, bir yere varamamak 抽空籤,終於失敗,無回音 витягнути пустий білет تلاش وغیرہ میں نا کامیاب ہونا không ăn thua gì 抽空签,终于失败,一无所获

‘Her eyes centered through her obscure attention, and narrowed on some indications that informed her that a teach station was drawing close to.’

The main farm coloring web site gives the children the possibility to draw an animal they could obtain on the farm!

= catch the attention of curiosity → erregen; consumer, group → anlocken; to draw fireplace (lit, fig) → unter Feuer genommen werden; to sense drawn towards(s) anyone → sich zu jdm hingezogen fileühlen; to draw any individual into anything → jdn in etw (acc) → hineinziehen or verwickeln; to draw any individual far from somebody/something → jdn von jdm/etw weglocken ? consideration a

Think about by yourself for a chef. Every time a chef learns a new recipe, he often spends days or weeks only cooking that recipe.

‘As the System drew close to and the coach began to slow, I looked promptly out from the window to view Absolutely everyone stood around the platform ready to greet me.’

tow, towage - the act of hauling something (as being a automobile) via a hitch or rope; "the truck gave him a tow to your garage"

Miscellaneous game titles & functions acrostic air hockey bagatelle crossword cycling domino escape place footgolf kite maze paintball pop quiz power-up pub quiz quidditch ringtoss roller skate skipping rope touch soccer zorbing See much more effects »

Equally as a chef might exercise a brand new recipe for many check details days or weeks, you wish to practice precisely the same drawing as well. Read more for another quiz concern.

Exercise with simple, elemental styles to start with. These essential styles will form the basis of many harder shapes as you carry on drawing. Mastering them can make your journey heading forward extra significant and successful.

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